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Quick iPhone App Review: Truphone

So, as you may or may not know, I have just zero cell phone signal in my house. Since this is my only phone line, this poses a pretty large problem. “You can get a landline phone though” no, no I can’t. I refuse. So what does that leave me with? Well, VOIP of course. My goal would be to have the VOIP work on my iPhone when I am at home, and as soon as I leave it goes back to regular cell usage. With the announcement of official third party apps on the iPhone, I was hopeful we would get a Skype or something similar. I was also afraid that AT&T would further screw their customers by forcing apple to block VOIP apps. Well, it looks like VOIP apps are a go. So far there is one, Truphone. This is a native VOIP app on the iPhone. As of this writing it only makes outgoing calls, so it doesn’t solve my problem 100% but its half way there for sure. Once the Apple backend servers are up that allow apps to “run in the background” I am sure this will change. It also has the nice feature where when you make outgoing calls it uses your cell phone number as the callerID so the person you are calling knows it’s you. There is one downside, you do pay per min on the VOIP calls on top of your normal cell phone minutes. It is pretty cheap, but still. Ideally (if they were smart) AT&T should make an iPhone VOIP app that I could use at home, much like the similar t-mobile service. Unfortunately, AT&T is almost sure to screw up and miss the boat / do everything wrong, so I don’t have high hopes.

Anyway, if you are looking for some hot VOIP action on your iPhone right away, this is your only option. But, it definitely does work. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the call sound quality is soooo much better than cell.

Link: Truphone