grep jason_

Oh ya.....they updated the iPhone. 1.1.3

Yes it has been like 2 weeks since the 1.1.3 iPhone update. I didn't write about it till now for a couple reasons. Pretty much every already wrote about it, and also it's pretty much yet another non event as far as the iPhone goes. I really don't think any of the updates thus far are very great. Not until we get a real SDK and can start writing native apps, will the phone reach its potential. I hope I will be begging to write a raving review once that update hits the streets. I figure somewhere around the 1 yr mark of the phone being out will it be what it should have been from day one!! The sad thing is that even though the iPhone is severely crippled by either Apple, AT&T or both, it is still the sweetest phone out there. Phone makers need to get on the ball.