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My iPhone is mine!

Well I finally broke down and did it.. My iPhone 3G is hacked, well Jailbroken to be more specific. I couldn’t take the BORING, stock, Apple mandated layout of the iPhone anymore! I had my first generation iPhone jailbroken as well and it was fantastic with all the themes and little interface tweaks, it was almost limitless. I then left the dream world when I got my 3G and I was back to Apple lockdown. The newness of the 3G kept me distracted for a little while, but it finally was time to do something about it. I waited a while to jailbreak the 3G because the 2.0 firmware has been so damn buggy; I wanted to wait until it got a little more stable before I started messing around with it and potentially making it crash more than it already did (if that is even possible). Apple did a good enough job on their own making everything crash. So I guess you could say it was a “it can’t get much worse” kind of situation. Pwnage Tool 2.0.3 was finally released which now supported iPhone firmware 2.0.2, so off I went to build the jailbroken 2.0.2 custom restore firmware IPSW file. I then did one last backup before loading the firmware, just in case. I have to say this was the smoothest jailbreak yet. I installed the hacked firmware, restored my backup, and presto I was back up and running as if nothing had changed! With the exception of course that I now was able to load jailbroken apps on my phone. I immediately installed SSH of course so I could transfer files to and from the phone. Then winterboard for theming. Qik for live video streaming. And a few other tweaks. After this process you have the wonderful screenshot below of what my iPhone looks like now. So much better!! The phone really feels like it is mine now. Oh and one last thing, if you have been thinking about jailbreaking your phone or didn’t even know you could, do it! If you don’t know how, find someone to help you or even email me. It makes iPhone life so much more enjoyable.Extra: weird side effect, as you may know I have had the LONGEST backup times previously (like hours). After the jailbreak my backups take minutes! Quite possibly completely unrelated, but none the less, I’ll take it!

Jailbreaking = loving your iPhone again.

[I did this whole post using the Wordpress iPhone app, it’s pretty rad!]