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2 weeks after jumping the Yahoo! ship

So 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend tells me she is deleting all accounts that have anything to do with Yahoo! I thought about it for around 30-45 seconds, and thought this idea was brilliant! I immediately starting logging into my Yahoo accounts so that I could delete them. I did have a Flickr account, So I had to first find a place to put all those pics. I ended up with SmugMug (and really enjoy it), they had a really nice tool to take all your photos from Flickr and import them into SmugMug with 1 click. They also had a 50% off coupon code ("flickr") for people switching from Flickr. After I got all my pictures safely moved it was just a matter of deleting my Yahoo accounts. This included a Yahoo messenger account that I used for 1 person that refused to switch to something else, but they are taken care of with an alternate IM client.

So what do I think about this decision after jumping ship 2 weeks ago? I don't miss Yahoo at all. To be completely honest I never really used them for anything anyway, aside from Flickr, which I don't really think of as Yahoo. I haven't looked back, and I'm sure I wont. I am glad I dropped it. It was serving no purpose other than to have yet another useless online account. Sorry Yahoo, but you just have nothing to offer.