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Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: The Orange Box

Let me start by saying this is by far the greatest value of any Xbox 360 game. You are getting 5 games in one box.The Orange Box that is. I will only focus on the new ones. I purchased this game based on two of the titles; TF2 and Portal. Portal was the first game I played because i was the most intrigued by it. It is a great new way to game. The idea is you have a gun that lets you place entrance and exit portals, so you can use them transport items, as well as yourself. There are tons of possibilities. Secondly the LONG AWAITED Team Fortress 2. When I first saw the trailer of the Cartoon looking characters I cringed! But now that I have the game in my hands and have been playing it, it's not the end of the world - although I think I would like Half Life 2 graphics more. Bottom line, the average Xbox 360 game price for 5 games is a great value, even if it were 5 mediocre games, but this is not that, this is 5 great games for the price of one. I would say a solid buy just based on re-playability alone!