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Xbox 360 (4 hours of use review)

I don’t know why. Well, I do. But still. I now have an Xbox 360. The reason? Because I wanted good racing games, and HD games for my HDTV. I will run down a list of my likes a dislikes after using it for the first 4 hours.


  • HD Graphics and 5.1 Audio
  • Wide variety of games
  • Ability to stream music from my mac during gameplay (connect360 app required)
  • Free downloadable demos of most games. Try before you buy is nice.
  • Online play


  • Gigantic power supply
  • Very loud console
  • It brought Microsoft into my Apple house :(
  • Signing up for xbox live is a pain, you have to sign up for just about every M$ product ever created.
  • Very lacking in the storage department... 20GB?? what is that?

Overall: I wanted to play good racing games that also looked great, and this system does that. Mission accomplished, for now. Further reviews will come as I get to know the system better.