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Garmin Nuvi 200w GPS Receiver

As I said below my Pioneer AVIC-N2 died on me, so I took this opportunity to upgrade because I wasn't really a hundred precent happy with the unit. For the GPS portion of my system I began researching mobile GPS devices. Long story short it looked to me that Garmin is doing the best job in this area. Only problem is that Garmin seems to make about 60 different units, all of which are very close in their feature set. I knew I wanted the Nuvi product line, and really wanted the wide screen so I would have the most screen real estate for viewing maps. I decided to go with the 200W (since I will only be using it in the US) and of course it had the widescreen.

On a side note, MINI sells a NUVI that is branded for MINI which gives you a MINI splash screen, as well as changing the little car icon into a MINI on screen. Doesn't change the way the unit works at all, but come on, it's just cool. So I went ahead and got the vehicle .SRF files and there is a link to them below so you can load MINIs into your non MINI branded unit if you have one. It is a very easy process, feel free to send me an email if you need help with it. Garmin Nuvi SRF (MINI).

As far as the Nuvi 200w goes, it is an amazing device! On to the pros and cons.


  • Great tactile touch screen
  • Very accurate maps
  • Works with Mac OS X
  • 4-5 hours of continuous battery life
  • Ability to change the vehicle icons
  • Good overall size
  • Charges over standard USB cable


  • Honestly, I have yet to find a true con yet
  • Would like longer battery life, but battery life is never enough is it?