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Amazon's New MP3 Store

Amazon recently launched yet another MP3 music store. Normally I wouldn't care about another MP3 music store but this one I am somewhat excited about (haven't tried it out yet.) Real quick, the things that attracted me:

  • NO DRM!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, it's about time! No more crippled music
  • 256K tracks. Finally Higher quality
  • Looks to be easy to use and puts the songs right into iTunes. Damn, watch your ass apple.
  • Tracks are priced between $0.89 and $0.99; Albums between $5.99 and $9.99
  • "only" 2 million songs. more to come I'm sure

Looks like a win win to me. I hope so, it might be time to start buying music again!

I am going to try out both the website portion of the site as well as their standalone application tonight. Time will tell, but so far so good.